How to get commercial painting contracts?

Securing commercial painting contracts involves a mix of strategy and skill. Start by building a strong portfolio showcasing your past projects and expertise. Networking plays a vital role – attending industry events and connecting with property managers or contractors can open doors. Online platforms and social media can also help you showcase your work. Moreover, just as Kitchen Cabinetry of Orlando offers kitchen cabinet remodeling options, consider diversifying your services to stand out, whether it's specialized finishes or mural work. Remember, a combination of quality work, effective communication, and adaptability can lead to successful commercial painting contracts.

Many paint contractors don't identify commercial projects in their backyard. Every community, even rural ones, has a couple of big employers. Large employers have large buildings that need painting. The first step to obtaining commercial contracts is to conduct market research and identify a pair of promising prospects in your community.

If you don't want to create a list manually, Painter's Academy provides marketing tools that will do the work for you. Our system provides a list of opportunities and business opportunities that your team can use to create contacts. Once you have identified a couple of facilities that have the potential to have lucrative contracts, you should contact your facility managers. You can't say much about an image.

On the one hand, you won't be able to measure the work accurately. For exterior work, you need to see what obstacles, landscaping features, or elevation issues can slow you down. The same thing happens when you make an offer for indoor commercial space. You have to see the working conditions.

Is there a lot of furniture that you'll need to move or change? Without visiting the site, you will not be able to determine the condition of the current paint and surfaces, or give an exact price for the preparation work. Create a clear, easy-to-follow bid sheet that breaks down charges by category. Review the offer sheet with the customer and clarify any confusing points. Both parties must initiate the changes.

Property managers: Property managers are a great resource for extra work. Call your local property managers and ask them if they have or need any painting services. Ask them if you can send them an email with recent work photos, testimonials and references. If you can send them a business package in the mail, this will really impress them.

Most property managers paint in-house, so you may need to offer your services a little cheaper than usual. When a larger project comes up, the manager cannot take it alone, he will remember your services and recommend your business. Interior Designers: Some of the biggest paint contracts I've ever won were from interior designers. If you are a painter who has struggled to generate the income you deserve, taking advantage of commercial contracts is your path to profit.

Although this is an old-school advertising method, it works great for getting paint contracts. Homeowners looking for paint contractors often search online, whether on Google, social media sites, or local mobile apps. When it comes to commercial paint tracks, there's nothing more powerful to drive business than word of mouth referrals. The Academy of Professional Painting Contractors focuses exclusively on helping its members increase their profitability in the residential and commercial refinishing markets.

If you're starting a painting business and want more paint contracts, this is the first thing you should do. Tell your potential customers what you can do to serve them and make it easy for them to contact you and provide you with information about the paint job. You're not going to get commercial contracts by introducing yourself and asking facility managers to give you work. If you've already done any commercial painting work, display before and after photos or videos that demonstrate your team's top-notch skills.

However, many commercial customers have very specific color preferences that can affect the number of layers the job requires. A paint business can be very profitable when you know what services to offer and how to solve the problems of your target market. You can hire more painters or outsource your paint jobs as needed to manage large-scale projects efficiently and complete the work without delay. .

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