What is a good profit margin for a painting company?

Take your revenue goal, divide it by the gross earnings you make per hour, and that's the number of working hours you have to sell. It's not complex, but it does require thinking about the “business” of your paint company and not just the technical aspects of painting. I will provide information based on my paint company serving a metropolitan area of approximately two million people. One of the most important factors to consider is how much you'll charge customers for paint jobs of various sizes.

With the right marketing channels, your paint company will attract potential customers left and right. I have had the opportunity to travel all over the world, play a lot of golf, spend time with friends, go to weddings, take time off, sleep late when I feel like it and really create the life I want to have thanks to the painting business. For most paint companies, the manager takes on some or all of the tasks of one of the employee's functions, such as doing all of the project management or the entire estimation. I don't have enough space here to adequately explain how badly most paint contractors present their service offerings to potential customers, even the “successful” ones.

Determine what your prices will be and, over time, calculate the average price of a paint job considering both large and small scale jobs. These larger jobs often include interior and exterior painting or specialized services such as painting cabinets or removing ceiling tiles with popcorn. A virtual painting quote means that your office staff do it, without visiting the client's homes. Now that you understand how profitable a paint company can be, let's look at how much you can earn owning your own business to calculate the average salary of a paint business owner.

It was a no-brainer for me: I KNEW I could run a successful paint company, but I didn't want to. That's usually not enough for a full paint job, but remember that this average takes into account all small jobs. A project manager at a paint company generally earns around the average salary and can manage around 5 average-sized jobs per week. I had just graduated from college after working with another paint company for the past 6 years, where I trained other students in all aspects of running a paint business.

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